Brand new Goldenberry Andean superjuice

Goldenberry juiceIf you’re bored of your morning OJ, but still want a healthy drink that’ll give your body a boost, why not give Goldenberry juice a try?

A deliciously refreshing juice made from the new superfruit of the summer, Goldenberries (also know as Physalis fruit), Goldenberry Juice from Terrafertil is bursting with Vitamin A and high in antioxidants that’ll not only get your immune system into gear, it’ll also help keep your skin healthy and supple throughout the year.

Not a sharp as orange juice or a sweet as pineapple juice Provestra, it’s a mild, smooth blend of both flavours and is delicious. As well as tasting great Terrafertil’s Goldenberry juice has more fibre than prunes, more potassium than bananas, plus has no added sugar – can it get any better?


Organically grown on the Andean foothills South America, Terrafertil works in close partnership with smaller growers under Fair Trade guidelines to bring all the health benefits of this superberry, or miracle fruit as the locals call, in an easy-to-consume superjuice.

Available from Holland & Barrett and Whole Foods, 1litre £3.99

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