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An environmental monster has been formed in the shape of plastic – over the past 40 years, the use of plastic has significantly increased causing a huge problem for landfill sites up and down Britain.

Due to the significant low price of plastic, manufacturers all over the world are opting for plastic as their choice of material for bottles, packets and containers. Whilst many of the plastic products sold today are recyclable; this only works well if the consumer actually chooses to recycle it.

Unfortunately, only 20% of us spend that ten seconds to recycle our plastic and as a result the plastic ends up in landfill sites with the rest of our general waste – or simply floating in the ocean.

FACT: The average plastic bag can take up to 20 years to decompose with a plastic bottle taking up to 400 years!

The truth is; recycling plastic has never been so important. With landfills being the largest human made source of methane in the world, this is extremely dangerous to the planet. Methane is also known as a greenhouse gas that works to trap three times more heat than carbon dioxide when plastic ends up in landfill sites – as a result they are significantly contributing to the large increase of toxic gas.

However, many plastic containers and bottles unfortunately do not even make it to landfill sites and as a result end up floating in our oceans. These plastics are absolutely lethal to animals and fish as they simply mistake it for food – and eat it or get stuck in it.

FACT: The amount of plastic in the sea is enough to make up the entire state of Texas in the USA.

Recycling plastic is really beneficial to both the planet and us as consumers. Recycled plastic is often turned into sleeping bags, CD cases, rope and new bottles. This also saves energy as it is much easier to create these items from recycled plastic than it is from brand new.

Recycling our plastic means we can reduce the amount of fossil fuels, greenhouse gasses and the size of landfill sites around the world.

So, the next time you finish your bottle of water – don’t throw it in the bin, recycle it!


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