Be Green and Redeem money this Christmas

Is there anything more annoying than finding out after you’d bought something, that you could have saved some money?

You know, a half price voucher on your grocery favourite, or a special deal on a meal in a restaurant.

Well, one way to make sure that you never miss a bargain and save money at the same time is to use online voucher, discount, promotional codes and cashback sites.

A firm favourite for years with our friends over the pond, in our present tough financial climate, vouchers and promo codes are increasing in popularity here.

So, how can you make sure you get the best deal this Christmas, whilst keeping it environmentally-friendly? Here are some suggestions:


Rather than buy mass-produced, plastic toys that have been shipped around the world only to end up in an unopened toy box 6 months later, why not buy your loved ones a gift experience?

We bought our young boys a gift experience last year and they absolutely loved it. They were lucky enough to enjoy a ‘cowboy experience’, which translated meant they spent a day learning about horses, riding them, eating a cowboy dinner (sausage and beans, what else!) and wear the full cowboy regalia. They had a ball!

There are lots of experiences to choose from out there, circus skills to go-karting, mountainboarding to photo makeovers. You never know it may be the spark for a lifelong interest.

Christmas parties

Restaurants are more desperate than ever to get us all eating out, so you will have no problem at all finding some terrific deals, including money off deals and free course or wine offers. But, although this is great value for us as consumers, this shouldn’t mean that we forget the cost of the food that is in front of us. To keep your dining out as green as possible, choose meat-free options, organic, fairtrade and of course, always only order what you can physically eat.

However, what if the portions are simply too large? Well, you can share the excess with your fellow diners or alternatively you can ask for a doggy bag. Taking home a beautifully prepared meal to be enjoyed again should be a cause for celebration, not of embarrassment. To see what The Sustainable Restaurant Association are doing to tackle this thorny issue, check out this guest post from them.


How beautiful do those huge houses all lit up on Home Alone look? Absolutely gorgeous is the answer (in my opinion, obviously). But they are not so beautiful when it comes to the amount of energy that they consume.

Luckily, we can still have the glitz and glamour of the fairy lights, but without the cost. Solar powered fairy lights use only free energy from the sun, they are as bright (and colourful) as mains powers AND you don’t have to put up with power cables trailing out of windows, which not only creates draughts, but creates a house security issue.

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We have used these solar lights ion our garden for a while they are fab!
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