As good as new? Getting the most value from life’s luxuries

I think I must be drawn to clumsy people. The people who you regularly hear muttering “oops, it just came apart in my hands!” or “I didn’t mean to break it”.

Obviously I won’t name names, but I’ve come to know and love many of them in my life.

But why am I sharing this? Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that this must be why I am so obsessed with getting the most from what I’ve got.

Clothes, personal possessions, food – whatever it is I have, I am always keen to make sure I get the most pleasure/use out of it.

This is not a new obsession, it’s how I’ve always been. In fact, much to my sister’s amusement, I once kept an easter egg for over a year! Although in hindsight this wasn’t my greatest idea as it went ‘white’and tasted very cardboardy as I found out when I finally decided to eat.

Anyway, I digress.

I believe I’ve been ‘conditioned’ to enjoy and extract as much pleasure out of things before they got lost, broken or damaged in some way.

The other thing that I’ve learnt is that even if things do get a little ‘worn’ they can still perform perfectly well and give us as much joy.

In fact, once ‘battle-scarred’ it’s easier just to enjoy these possessions for what they are, just material objects – without having to obsess about keeping them perfect.

So it’s with a reluctant acceptance that I ‘thank’ my ‘butter-fingered’ friends for encouraging me to appreciate what I’ve got, but also to show me that ‘as good as new’ usually is ‘as good as new’.


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I liked this blog a lot. Quite different from your usual posts and you are so right about appreciating what you have and being grateful. I often thing broken or damaged goods can be quite quirky.


Thanks Naomi – yes, I’ve been doing quite a bit of musing lately. As well as the tips and advice, I think it’s good to share how we come to be were we are and also what drives our passion. Thanks for your feedback :)


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