Alpro Soya and Bestival – lighter living, lighter planet!

The countdown is on, to what I hear you say – to Bestival, that’s what!

I am so excited and obviously very lucky, as the fabulous people at Alpro Soya have invited me along to their BreakFest experience at Bestival, to enjoy their gorgeous Alpro products (vanilla yoghurt’s my favourite) and to enjoy the music, comedy and of course, the Tomorrow’s World area with its solar-powered Bandstand, Pavegen dance floor, Living Pub and their local Farmers Market…

The festival kicks off this Thursday, there we’ll be tent in tow, our reusable water bottles, wind up torches, my phone (which I’ll be charging for free on the EcoIsland) to capture all of the action and lots and lots of jumpers, I think it’s going to be a breezy one!!

So why the partnership between Alpro Brekfest and Bestival, well Alpro is spreading the word about ‘lighter living’?

That’s not just lighter, as in naturally low in saturated fat, but lighter on the planet too. Did you know that producing a litre of soya drink emits 5 times less co2 than a litre of cow’s milk and that soya drinks use 2.5 times less water and 3 times less land to produce than cow’s milk?

As Alpro processes soya directly into food for human consumption soya foods are a healthy, eco-friendly alternative to animal-based products. In fact, what could be more ‘easy green’ than switching to soya milk for your breakfast or soya yoghurt for a tasty snack.

Anyway, back to Bestival, what music am I looking forward to hearing? The headliners The Cure, of course, I didn’t really like them when they were first cool, but since getting older I’ve found my inner goth, Paloma Faith, Fatboy Slim, Grandmaster Flash (White Lines, don’t do it) and Bjork!

Before I sign off (and start packing), I’ll just pre-warn you that there will be some photos flying around on here, Facebook and Twitter, of me frolicking like a child with wild abandon in an inflatable breakfast bowl. Yes, you did read that correctly! ☺

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