AlertMe Smart Energy – the fun way to reduce your electricity consumption

Here at Easy Green Towers we frequently get asked to try new gadgets that claim to save money and the environment. Quite often we aren’t convinced and politely decline. However, when the AlertMe Smart Energy Monitor landed on our desk we were intrigued and wanted to give it a go.

The AlertMe is an energy monitor with a difference. Instead of just connecting to your electricity supply, it also connects to your computer so it can record all sorts of facts and figures about your electricity usage and you can access this from any computer or smart phone.

Setting up the AlertMe was really easy. There are three main pieces of kit, a meter transmitter, a hub that plugs into your computer modem and an In Home Display which shows you how much electricity you are using, how much you have used and the temperature. No electricians are needed and it took me 5 minutes to set up. The computer then cleverly finds all the bits you have connected and you are good to go. The only tricky part was working out the cost of electricity per kilowatt hour (kWh). I pay one rate for the first 250 kW hours and another for any others used after that. I ended up looking at a years worth of bills and working out the average cost per kW hour over the last year.

Once the system was set up the kids and I raced around the house turning everything on and off to see the effect that it had on the In Home Display. The display shows energy use as bars that increase in number and change colour as usage goes up. It also shows how much you are currently using as pence or kW and how much you have used that day. I thought I was already quite conservative in my electricity use, but having the numbers clearly displayed really makes you think about switching the lights on, or boiling a full kettle. The kids, who are only young, got the concept immediately and have been much better at turning off lights since we have been using the AlertMe system. The on-line historical data is fascinating and is going to be the subject of another blog post to do it justice. If you want to see what it looks like click here to see a demo.

The big question is have I reduced my electricity costs? At the moment I can’t say yes or no because I have only been using the meter for a month and I haven’t had an electricity bill yet. However, I can categorically say it really does make the whole family think about the electricity we use and that has got to be a good thing.


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Alan Watson

Obviously the Smart Energy Monitor would point me in the right direction to make electrical savings but I’m sure that a chimney balloon would be of great benefit to me. Fantastic idea!

Jen Schofield

Defintitely the Radiator Energy Saving Set would help me save on energy costs, as it’s getting a lot colder now, so anythin to help keep the house warm is a bonus. Plus it’s a ‘Radical Endurance for a Saving Schofield’

Amelia Kennedy

The following devices would all help bring our household bills down in my opinion : The Home Energy Monitor, the Bye Bye Standby Energy Controller, the Radiator Energy Saving Set, the Efergy E2 Wireless Electricity Monitor, the Home Water and Energy Saving Kit and the Current Cost Envi Energy Monitor and the Saver Plug

Alison Sherwood

The Intelliplug AC Adaptor for laptops would make a huge difference to me as it is constantly on in my house!

diane findlay

Smart Energy Monitor would be good but all would help .. im wheelchair bound and hyperthermia is always a threat , but with current costs of energy anything that helps me keep warm and save would be of great help


Bye Bye Standby Online Energy Controller – I’m always forgeting to turn things off – this way I could check and do it when I’m on the train

simone lee



New central heating and double glazing would make the biggest difference in this house but beyond that, I think the Bye Bye Standby Online Energy Controller could save a bit.

Arabella B

I’ve been reading great things about the Energy Saving Radiator Set products too and would like to give them a go. I think they should show great savings results.


I think most of the energy saving devices would save me lots of energy, but particularly the Wattson 01 Home Energy monitor though I expect.


Efergy E2 Wireless Electricity Monitor – track your energy use and analyse on your computer
It would be really helpful to find out where i was wasting energy so as i could rectify the problem thus helping me save lots of money.

Stephanie Tsang

The AlertMe Smart Energy Monitor would definitely be a huge help in our household.

claire woods

The home energy monitor as our bills are high and I have no idea how much energy each thing use.

Nancy Townsend

In general we are as frugal as possible with our energy usage but the ‘Savaplug – saves fridge and freezer energy’ sounds like it would make a great addition to our household.


The ‘Radiator Booster Mk3′ – this is the first time I’ve ever seen or heard of these, such a great gadget and with winter here this is definitely the my first choice energy saver. Second would be the ‘Insulating Door Draught Excluders’ -I’ve been looking for something like these for the hallway doors.

Fran Light

The Efergy E2 Wireless Electricity Monitor would be very useful in our house, as would the home water and energy saving kit – I am conscious of the fact that although we never leave the tap running and take short showers that we are probably ‘thoughtlessly’ wasting water at other times too.

Laura Pritchard

A more energy efficient washing machine would make a huge different for our expanding family!

sharon griffin

i would find the savaplug for my fridge and freezer very useful indeed as i often worry about how much power these appliances are using and could perhaps become more energy efficient with one of these.

Sylvia Leaver

Our house is all electric, so the Wattson 01 Home Energy Monitor would enable us to monitor where we are using
unnecessary electric and so help us to see where we can make savings.

kim plant

Radiator Energy Saving Set along with other energy saving devices i have a few ideas myself which havnt been invented yet maybe i should get onto it liked on fb also x

Lesley Bain

The OWL Wireless Energy Monitor would be a great way for all of my family to see exactly how much power they use, and encourage my little ones to interact with it – remembering to switch off lights etc – to see the difference it makes. A fun, educational and money saving gadget I would love to have in my home.

Tracey Belcher

I really like the sound of the radiator booster Mk3. Hubby is really keen on all sorts of money saving ideas and is trying to build his own solar panels etc so we would love the monitor.


The energy saving radiator set sounds like a great idea – have always wondered why we put radiators under windows or on outside walls – this would help deflect the heat back into the room

A Brownlee

The Radiator Energy Saving Set would save me the most money because my heating bills are massive and desperately need reducing

Maya Russell

Bye Bye Standby Online Energy Controller – easy energy saving home automation would make a HUGE difference to our energy consumption because I could control it from anywhere making sure everything is totally switched off, or keeping a light coming on and off to deter burglars. Great!

phyllis ellett

We got a big fridge freezer and a big freezer here so the “Savaplug – saves fridge and freezer energy”, would be a great help.

sue willshee

the Bye Bye Standby Online Energy Controller would be an amzing help. I have a Tv that I can’t actually turn off because believe it or not there is no off switch! It only switches off via the remote control and then only goes onto standby – it drives me potty and I would never have bought it if I had realised before I got it home!


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