Aldo Zilli discusses reducing waste with the Queen of Easy Green™

A little while ago I was very fortunate to have been invited to an exclusive dinner at celebrity chef Aldo Zilli’s restaurant, Zilli Fish, to savour some of his delicious food, whilst also hearing about the benefits of frozen food, courtesy of our hosts The New Ice Age.

The New Ice Age (which is the consumer campaign for the British Frozen Food Federation) aims to demonstrate that not only is frozen food healthy and a quality option for the British consumer, but it is eco-friendly, taste good and creates less waste.

The event showcased a range of mouth-watering dishes created using frozen food, yet it was left to us to correctly identify which ingredients in our meal were made from frozen and those which were not. To read more about the event, Aldo, the dishes and the benefits of favouring frozen, please pop over to my At Home column where I reveal all.

As well as discussing and enjoying the benefits of frozen food, I also bagged myself an exclusive interview with the main man, Aldo Zilli. With my love of getting more for my money, saving time and reducing waste, I asked Aldo what his favourite ‘waste-saving’ tips were. Aldo had some great advice, plus he also revealed what his ideal ‘waste-saving’ kitchen accessory invention would be – to say I was very pleased with his idea is a huge understatement… as you will see.

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