5 Top tips to relaxation the Easy Green Way

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Shanti Sundays 5 Top Tips for Relaxation

1. Yoga and Restorative yoga in particular is my key to get out of stress mode. Practicing once a week or for short spell each day brings me back into my body and out of my over productive head. Restorative yoga raises your energy stores and helps you tune into the body’s natural ability to heal and restore. If you can’t find a restorative yoga class near you invest in a good yoga bolster and a lavender eye bag for home. Recline back over your bolster open your chest and breathe.

2. Tea with friends. Nothing beats a good girly catch up and some belly laughs to boost your mood. Cake is optional.

3. Singing aloud to your favourite songs.

4. Meditation – As little as 5 or 10 minutes on your journey to or from work can help calm the mind and take you out of your thinking mind and back in to your being

5. Spending time in nature. A lovely walk in the park never fails to blow away the cobwebs and melt your stresses away.

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Saran Benjamin

Sitting in the sun during the warm months and lighting scented candles with a good book or film during the winter

nikki hilton

actually- scratch that! i do love a good film to watch- but my Favorite way to relax is at the Beach!! that is the most relaxing place… Malibu especially!

Natasha Gandy

Lying in a quiet room with a good book and a scented candle – doesn’t happen too often though !! lol x

Dawn Costen

Lovely! An evening of watching the television and the children being good is the perfect way for me to relax!

Tracey Belcher

I love sitting on the beach and watching the sea, If I am uptight then I throw stones into the surf and soon feel better x

Lyndsey B

I just love to take myself off to the gym for a long swim, and a sauna and jacuzzi, a solo lunch and a read of the paper. Perfect way to relax!

Vicky Everson

My favourite way to relax is to get one of my snakes out for a bit of bonding time, something about them and they way they move really calms me down 8) x


Get a good nights sleep! I don’t get the chance to relax through the day, but I like to make sure I get unwind time at bedtime, just by watching TV or reading and then I can relax into a decent nights sleep ready for the next day!


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